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About Us

At Gragson, Casiday & Guillory, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive CPA services that go beyond mere number crunching.

About Us

In 1982, a vision took shape in Lake Charles, Louisiana, giving rise to what would evolve into Gragson, Casiday & Guillory. Over the years, this once-small firm has transformed into a dynamic organization with four partners and a dedicated team of certified professionals, including six CPAs.

Our firm has a rich history of serving the businesses of Southwest Louisiana (SWLA) and extending our expertise to governmental entities, nonprofit organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals across various industries in the United States and beyond. Our commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of services, including accounting, tax, audit, and consulting, remains unwavering.

The roots of Gragson, Casiday & Guillory trace back to the foundational principles set by its founders. The firm's inception was not just about being accountants; it was about becoming trusted partners in our clients' success stories. With a focus on customer-centric and relationship-oriented services, the founders aimed to forge partnerships that would be mutually beneficial. More than four decades later, that guiding principle remains firmly entrenched in our ethos.
As we reflect on our history, we recognize the significance of the relationships we have built and the impact we have made in the business community. Our firm has been instrumental in providing tailored solutions to businesses, offering strategic insights to entrepreneurs, guiding nonprofits, and assisting individuals in navigating complex financial landscapes.

The expertise of our team, including our Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), ensures that our clients receive accurate and reliable financial services. Our CPAs stay abreast of the latest regulations, compliance requirements, and industry best practices to provide informed and effective financial solutions.

Our commitment to financial transparency and integrity is evident in our meticulous approach to audits. The experienced audit team at Gragson, Casiday & Guillory examines financial statements, assesses internal controls, and ensures regulatory compliance. We recognize the significance of audits in instilling confidence among stakeholders, be it investors, lenders, or regulatory bodies.

We extend our specialized services to the nonprofit sector, recognizing the unique challenges faced by these organizations. Our services for nonprofits include financial audits, compliance assessments, and consulting to support their mission-driven objectives.

Gragson, Casiday & Guillory is more than an accounting firm; we are strategic partners in our clients' journeys to success. Our history, values, and commitment to excellence set us apart as trusted advisors in the business community. As we look toward the future, we remain steadfast in our mission to provide unparalleled service, foster enduring relationships, and contribute to the prosperity of our clients and the communities we serve.


Coy T. Vincent, CPA
Brad J. Casiday, CPA
Michelle Lee, CPA
Brian McCain, CPA 

Certified Staff:

Kathryn Blessington, CPA
Blake Manuel, CPA 

Accounting Staff:

Ami Hutchins
Heather Slavin
April Jones
Kendall Nugent
Dylan Randle
Aaron Whelchel 

Administration Staff:

Dawn Stewart
Brooke Nugent

Gragson, Casiday & Guillory is looking forward to gaining a deeper understanding of your organization and illustrating how we can assist you in achieving your goals. Please don't hesitate to contact us to start a conversation about your needs.

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