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Audit & Assurance

Audits can be considered a valuable tool to ensure compliance with financial regulations and to pinpoint both risks and opportunities for enhancement.

Assurance Solutions

At Gragson, Casiday & Guillory, we see our involvement in the financial reporting process as a chance to offer valuable solutions while delivering the assurance level essential for your organization. Our firm collaborates with businesses, governments, and non-profits, delivering top-notch, professional audit, attestation, and assurance services.

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Why Perform an Audit?

Organizations, including companies, nonprofits, and governments, rely on accurate information regarding their financial strength and integrity. Assurance services are integral, lending credibility to financial reporting. When stakeholders have confidence in the integrity of your financial data, decisions to engage in business with you become more straightforward.

Even without the immediate need for external financing, assurance services from Gragson, Casiday & Guillory offer valuable insights into your internal processes. An audit, tailored to your business by our experienced team, assesses the effectiveness of your established processes. This audit provides key insights into your business's performance and the factors influencing its success.

Our dedicated audit team at Gragson, Casiday & Guillory is committed to helping you comprehend the intricacies of your business. Through a comprehensive analysis, we report our findings, empowering you to demonstrate compliance or strategically grow your business.


Optimal Assurance Level

An audit, embodying meticulous financial scrutiny, expertly assesses your organization's fiscal well-being and the presentation of financial statements. This rigorous process ensures an absence of material misstatements, guaranteeing a fair representation.

Adherence to universally accepted auditing standards is paramount, enabling a profound evaluation of financial statements aligned with accepted accounting principles. Our integral team meticulously assesses internal controls, tests transactions, verifies balances, and evaluates associated risks.

This comprehensive approach involves engaging with external parties, conducting physical inspections and observations, and intensive transaction testing through scrutinizing supporting documents.

Our overarching objective is to elevate the value we deliver through a meticulous financial statement analysis. Beyond assurance, we offer actionable recommendations to fortify internal controls, enhance operational efficiency, and refine procedures—contributing to your organization's enduring financial excellence.


Moderate Assurance

A review, offering limited assurance, is less extensive than an audit. Similar to an audit, our team assesses financial statements according to defined standards and engages in discussions with key personnel regarding accounting policies, procedures, and operations. Unlike an audit, however, a review does not delve into internal control systems or assess the risk of fraud.

Our team dedicates time to comprehend your industry, including its unique accounting principles and practices. This understanding enables us to pinpoint potential areas of material misstatements.

Although narrower in scope than an audit, a review can afford you a degree of confidence in the accuracy of financial statements without the time, effort, and cost associated with a full audit.


Summary with No Assurance

In a compilation engagement, we either prepare or assist in preparing your financial statements, providing a snapshot of your organization's performance and financial position. It's important to note that a compilation does not affirm the accuracy of your financial information, and as there is no in-depth analysis, we do not offer an opinion.

Our team compiles your organization's financial data sourced from existing records, with no testing conducted on the underlying information. Compilations do not involve inquiries of management or analytical procedures; rather, they rely on our knowledge of accounting principles and a general understanding of your business.

If your aim is to present your company's financial information in the form of financial statements and you require assistance, a compilation can be a valuable resource.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

Tailored Procedure Engagements at Gragson, Casiday & Guillory

Engagements based on agreed-upon procedures center on specific reviews you wish for us to conduct. At Gragson, Casiday & Guillory, we collaborate with you to pinpoint the most suitable service to achieve your desired outcome.

These engagements offer various benefits. With a more targeted scope compared to a full audit, we help you save valuable time and resources. The final report delivers a meticulous account of the precise procedures executed and the results obtained.

In certain instances, third parties may request these types of engagements, especially when a full audit is deemed unnecessary.

Internal Control Evaluations

Enhancing Asset Protection through Internal Control Assessments

Evaluating internal controls is a crucial step in safeguarding your organization's assets, minimizing the risk of employee theft, and deterring fraudulent activities. Our team at Gragson, Casiday & Guillory will delve into your internal controls, conducting thorough transaction tests to verify their effectiveness.

This systematic approach not only fortifies your company against potential risks but also contributes to enhanced strength and profitability. Identifying and rectifying inefficient or ineffective operating procedures is a key outcome of this process. Moreover, based on our findings, our team may recommend fortifying your control systems to further reduce risks.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

Typically, a Department of Labor (DOL) audit for employee benefit plans becomes mandatory once you attain 100 eligible participants. This audit entails a thorough examination of the plan's financial statements for any significant misstatements and verification of compliance with regulations outlined by the DOL and the IRS.

Our team is well-equipped to support you in fulfilling this regulatory requirement by delivering a high-quality audit promptly. We strive to identify any non-compliance issues early on, helping you avoid potential excess fees and penalties imposed by the DOL and IRS.

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